Organic Cayenne Capsules

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A hearty pepper prized for its spicy flavor, cayenne offers a variety of health benefits. Using cayenne pepper may boost digestion, ease inflammation and provide excellent cardiovascular benefits.
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Cayenne Capsules Health Benefits

Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits

While many people may know cayenne pepper as a food, most who enjoy it are not familiar with the health benefits cayenne actually offers. Cayenne pepper is a small but potent herb whose abilities may seem contradictory to its fiery nature; however, it is that same spiciness that is responsible for many of its positive effects. Cayenne pepper may be able to promote cardiovascular health, digestion, and ease the effects of inflammation.

Supports Cardiovascular Function

Cayenne pepper is actually a very useful herb for supporting the cardiovascular system. With its primary constituent, capsaicin, cayenne may be able to improve circulation by reducing inflammation of the arteries. This reduces the resistance of blood passing through the veins, making it easier for the heart to pump blood.

Eases Inflammation

Another of cayenne’s benefits is its positive effect on inflammation. Capsaicin, the same ingredient that makes cayenne peppers spicy, also may help to ease inflammation by depleting the body’s supply of certain chemicals that trigger inflammation. Cayenne pepper also stimulates dopamine levels, which creates a feeling of euphoria and may reduce feelings of pain caused by inflammation.

Supports Healthy Digestion

While it may seem contradictory because of its heat, cayenne pepper can actually be quite helpful for supporting digestive function. Cayenne can stimulate the release of digestive enzymes that help food breakdown, which aids digestion and can improve the absorption of nutrients. It may also help to expel gas from the system, which can relieve gas pains and bloating.

Buy Cayenne Pepper Supplements

Whether used for its digestive benefits or its anti-inflammatory effect, cayenne pepper can prove to be a truly beneficial herb. Vitality Herbs offers only top quality organic herbs to guarantee you the most beneficial herbal supplements. With our offers of combined savings on bulk orders and free shipping over $50, we strive to make natural herbal healing available to everyone.

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