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Chamomile refers to daisy-like flowers native to Europe which are used to make a popular herbal tea. As supplements, chamomile may be used to promote rest, support digestion and boost the immune system.
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Chamomile Capsules Health Benefits

Chamomile Health Benefits

The name chamomile usually refers to one of two types – Roman Chamomile or German Chamomile. The two types are very similar, both in appearance and in health benefits, to the point that either may be used interchangeably. The flowers are known for their relaxing effect, and are most famously used to make herbal tea.

Promotes Relaxation

Chamomile has a long-standing reputation for helping with relaxation. Chamomile can bring on feelings of relaxation and sleepiness thanks to its mild sedative qualities. This can promote calmness and may even allow for more restful sleep.

Supports Digestion

Many people have also found chamomile to be useful for supporting good digestive health. Chamomile offers both antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties, which may help to relieve digestive issues such as stomach upset, nausea, abdominal cramps and even diarrhea.

Boosts Immunity

Chamomile may be used to support the immune system as well. Offering multiple natural antimicrobial and antibacterial agents, chamomile may support the body’s efforts to fight off invading pathogens before they can cause infection. Its ability to promote relaxation and sleep may also help by keeping the body healthy and in good shape, reducing the risk of infection.

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With its soothing and relaxing nature, chamomile may prove to be a useful herb for anyone in need of rest and relief. Here at Vitality Herbs, we offer only high quality organic chamomile supplements to guarantee you the best in herbal benefits. Our chamomile supplements are all organic, kosher certified and vegan friendly, and with our offer of free shipping for orders over $50, we strive to make our herbal supplements available and affordable to everyone.

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