Organic Milk Thistle Capsules

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Milk thistle is a spiny plant with a prickly purple flower that is cultivated in countries across the globe. It is highly valued in traditional herbal medicine, and is used as a natural detoxifier, known to promote skin and liver health.

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Milk Thistle Capsules Health Benefits

Found growing today in fields and along highways across the world, milk thistle does not appear as a very inviting plant. Its prickly purple flowers and spiny leaves are an effective deterrent to animals and humans alike. Yet milk thistle has been used as an herbal remedy for more than two thousand years, valued most for its ability to expel toxins from the body.

Eliminates Toxins

Milk thistle is one of the best herbs for helping to expel toxins and waste from the body. Milk thistle works with the liver, the body’s most powerful detoxifying organ, which filters the blood to remove toxins, waste, and harmful organisms. When ingested, milk thistle prompts the liver to produce bile, which collects the toxins to be eliminated from the body.

Promotes Liver Function

Milk thistle offers many benefits to promote liver health. Milk thistle’s ability to stimulate bile production helps to flush out toxins that have accumulated in the liver. Milk thistle may also promote the healing process of damaged liver tissue, and protect the liver from further damage due to toxin exposure. This may help to improve liver function and health.

Supports Digestion

Milk thistle may be an excellent herb for digestion. By stimulating the liver, milk thistle may promote the release of digestive enzymes and bile created by the liver, which may help to improve the digestive processes. Milk thistle also promotes excellent bowel health, and works as a natural laxative to stimulate healthy bowel function.

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